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Review – Photoshop World Conference & Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada - Reboot, Recharge and Reinvent Yourself

When picturing Las Vegas, you might imagine nightlife, casinos, and free-flowing fun. Our goal there was slightly different from that of the average Vegas-goer: to sit in a darkened room with hundreds of like-minded folks who are passionate about digital photography, design, and Photoshop and report on our experience at the National Association of Photoshop Professional's annual Photoshop World conference. Held each September at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, the annual gathering is billed as "The Must Attend Conference for Photographers and Photoshop Users." Does it live up to its billing? Is it a good roll of the dice? Read on to discover our conclusions!

Ron & Jane Cooper, with additional reporting by Harris Fogel, posted 8/15/2011

Rob Hoffman and Rob Maguire of 3-D Software Giant Autodesk discuss Sketchbook Mobile for the Apple iOS, the new port of AutoCAD for Mac, AutoCAD WS, and more! – MacWorld Conference, San Francisco

Rob Hoffman, senior product marketing manager at Autodesk and Rob Maguire, AutoCAD product manager discuss their initiatives in porting AutoCAD to the Mac OS for the first time in the product's history, Sketchbook Mobile an Apple iOS port that sprung from SketchBook Pro, and their educational offerings. If you are working in 3-D, then Maya, Softimage, AutoCAD, and more are all well-known to you. Listen in to discover how their recent releases point the way to the future as viewed by Autodesk. Recorded at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco.  (14:56)

Harris Fogel, Posted 9/10/2011

Want to see new and cool technology? Head on out to the Emerging Technologies area at Siggraph! Preston Smith Tells Why! – Siggraph Conference, Los Angeles

Preston Smith is the Emerging Technologies Chair for the 2010 (and 2011) Siggraph/ACM conferences. Previously he was the Volunteer On-Site Manager of Emerging Technologies Venue since 1998. What makes Smith so passionate about Siggraph? In this interview we learn why the Emerging Technologies area is so much fun as well as showcasing the true state-of-the-art! Long before a hip new technology ends up in your home, on the shelves at your local store, or is the subject of news reports, it probably started its life in a lab, and when someone wants to strut their stuff, they submit it to Siggraph for consideration in the annual conference. In this interview Smith discusses how he came to chair the annual Emerging Technologies program of the conference, and his favorite demonstrations from 2010. With the upcoming 2011 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, what will top 2010? Recorded at the Siggraph/ACM Conference in Los Angeles.  (12:40)

Harris Fogel, Posted 5/10/11

Terrence Masson on why Siggraph should be part of your life. Especially if you are interested in CGI, Animation, Game Design, and more! – Siggraph Conference, Los Angeles

Terrence Masson was the Conference Chair for the 2010 Siggraph/ACM conference in Los Angeles. In this interview Masson discusses how he came to chair the annual Siggraph conference and his thoughts on the theme of "The People Behind the Pixels", the return of the Electronic Theater, and the upcoming 2011 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Siggraph is one of the world's most prestigious conferences for the intersection of art, science, and technology, and the role of chair allows for one's vision of the organization and conference goals to become reality. If you are interested in game design, animation, CGI, and interactivity, then don't miss this interview or the upcoming Siggraph Conference! Recorded at the Siggraph/ACM Conference in Los Angeles.  (15:48)

Harris Fogel, Posted 4/15/11

Tired of USB Cables? Eye-Fi SD Memory Cards Make Transferring Your Photos Wirelessly a Snap – PhotoPlus Expo, New York

For most of digital photography’s history, there were only two ways to transfer your digital images to your computer. Use a USB or FireWire cable, or use a card reader. Once you get the images on your system, if you choose to upload to a social network or sharing site, that is yet another step. In this interview with Ziv Gillat, one of the founders of Eye-Fi, we learn what led to the invention of their Wi-Fi memory card, how to use it, and new features that allow automatic uploading to their site for safe keeping and ease of sharing. Supported by many of the top camera brands, with consumer cards to professional cards that work with RAW files, this interview will answer your questions! Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. (4:45)

Harris Fogel, Posted 2/16/2011

Western Digital Brings USB 3.0 to its Entire Line of External USB Drives – PhotoPlus Expo, New York

As our media needs grow, so does the need for faster hard drives. In this interview with Matthew Bennion and Steve Shattuck of Western Digital we discuss their decision to move to the newer, faster, and backwards compatible USB 3.0 standard on all their USB drive. Are the claims of increased speeds accurate? Is there a difference between the theoretical vs. the daily use reality important to understand? If you have been hearing about the new USB standards, seeing USB 3.0 emblazoned on the boxes and ads for drives and wondered if you should consider this when buying drives, than this interview will answer your questions! Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. (11:24)

Harris Fogel, Posted 2/16/2011

Adobe’s Kevin Connor & Bryan O’Neil Hughes talk Photokina, Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, Elements 9, Lens Calibration, & More! – Photokina, Köln, Germany

In this extended interview with Adobe’s Vice-President of Imaging Kevin Connor and Photoshop Product Manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes we discuss a wide-range of topics centered on some of the lesser-known features of Adobe’s Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3, Photoshop Elements, and naturally what their favorite sights at the giant Photokina conference were. Kevin and Bryan discuss how as photographers themselves they utilize the feature set. If you are working with digital imaging, Phototoshop, Lightroom, Elements, and CS 5 then this interview is for you! Recorded at the Photokina Conference in Köln, Germany, in September 2010 by Harris Fogel. (15:37)

Harris Fogel, Posted 2/18/11

NVIDIA Unleashes the Power of Fermi and CUDA for a New Generation of Video Cards – Siggraph Conference, Los Angeles

The importance of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has quietly become one of the most potent tools for contemporary. From animation, graphics, animations, video, 3D rendering, and just about everything on a computer that involves graphics is less and less dependent upon the processor of your computer. Modern programs are written to allow the GPU to take on the heavy lifting resulting in extraordinary increases in speed and the complexity of tasks one can take on. In this interview with Sean Kilbride and Joe Stam of NVIDIA, they explain how they are working with Adobe to unleash the power of their CUDA architecture. Invoking the power that Enrico Fermi unleashed which led to the foundations of modern physics and nuclear reactions, their new Fermi Architecture video cards set a new standard in power and speed. And with the the Quadro 4000 GPU for Mac, Mac users and Windows users have a card to call their own. If you are tired of waiting for files to render, then listen on to find out more about the power of the GPU in your life. (14:30)

Harris Fogel, Posted 1/30/2011

Governor Mike Huckabee on Music Education, Apple, Politics, Playing Bass Guitar, and NAMM

Governor Mike Huckabee is best known as for his political life, but he has been a dedicated guitar and bass player since he was 11 years old, and it formed a strong belief in the importance of music and art education. In this interview made during the annual NAMM conference, we discuss his love for Apple, the technology he uses for his thrice-daily audio essays, and the challenges a politician faces in fighting for music and arts education in a time of cutbacks as states and districts try to balance the budget. Can music help heal political rifts? We also talk about I Wannaa Play! the CD he created and plays on to support NAMM’s Wanna Play! Fund, an program to place musical instruments in the hands of students who could not afford one on their own. Listen on to find out more about Huckabee’s views. (18:03)

Harris Fogel, posted 1/23/2011 

Understanding Memory, Speed, Memory Myths, Truths, and Trends with Kingston Memory – Part One of Two

Computers ship with a multitude of components, most of which are misunderstood. In this in-depth discussion with David Leong, Chris Selden, and Mark Tekunoff of Kingston Memory we explore computer memory, UDMA, digital camera memory cards, memory myths, truths, and trends. Not having enough RAM in your computer is like buying a sports car without tires, you can roll on the rims, but not all that well and certainly not quickly. In this two-part interview we get serious about memory, for your computer, your digital camera, for gaming, and for video. In part one of this two-part interview we discuss memory, manufacturing, the differences between RAM, form factors, and the specifics of throughput and speed.  If you have wondered about what is really happening with memory and what you need to know when you purchase some, then listen to these two in-depth interviews. (27:32)

Harris Fogel, with additional editorial input by Nancy Burlan, Posted 1/23/2011