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Understanding Memory, UDMA, Digital Photography Memory, Memory Myths, Truths, and Trends with Kingston Memory – Part Two of Two.

In part two of this two-part interview we discuss the UDMA specification, memory for digital photography, form factor issues, and more. In this in-depth discussion with David Leong, Chris Selden, and Mark Tekunoff of Kingston Memory we explore computer memory, UDMA, digital camera memory cards, memory myths, truths, and trends. If you have wondered about what is really happening with memory and what you need to know when you need to purchase some for your computer or camera, then listen to these two in-depth interviews! (10:23)

Harris Fogel with additional editorial input from Nancy Burlan, Posted 1/23/2011

Olympus Refines Its Vision with the E-5 DLSR – PhotoPlus Expo 2010!

Olympus recently refreshed its DSLR lineup with the E-5. Unveiled during Photokina 2010 in Germany, the E-5 is Olympus’ flagship prosumer camera and boasts an improved sensor, better low-light sensitivity, a larger LCD display, HD video, and their acclaimed Art Filters. In this interview with John Knaur of Olympus, we discuss the feature set of the new camera, and the refinements brought forward from the E-3. Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. (12:27)

Harris Fogel, Posted 1/2/2011

Making your photos Perfectly Clear with Athentech – PhotoPlus Expo 2010!

Digital cameras get better every year, but even the best of them need some help in post-production. In this interview with Brad Malcolm of Athentech we discuss their Perfectly Clear software that promises to improve your images without the need for time-consuming expertise. If you want improved digital photos without muss or fuss, then listen to this interview. Recorded at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York. (7:22)

Harris Fogel, Posted 1/1/2011

Leave the Digital Grind Behind with the Analog World of Lomography – Photokina, Köln, Germany 2010

Millions of devoted users of the fun, wacky, and creative cameras known throughout the world as Lomos can't be wrong! In the midst of the digital onslaught at Photokina which is the worlds largest photography conference, with over 150,000 visitors, held once every two years in Köln, Germany, why were so many folks lounging on beach chairs in the Lomography exhibit which filled an entire avenue in the show? Photokina is well known for introducing the cutting edge of photographic technology and in this interview with Matthias Fiegl, President of the Lomographic Society International, we learn how he and Wolfgang Stranzinger started smuggling a little black camera named the LOMO, and why analog photography is having a comeback! Recorded at the Photokina Conference in Köln, Germany, in September 2010 by Harris Fogel. (15:01)

Harris Fogel, Posted 10/18/10

The Library of Congress & A.S.M.P. Want You to Engage in Digital Best Practices – Washington D.C. 2010

Every day millions of digital photographs, recordings, and files are created but few of the creators know the best way to save and archive those files. What is the best workflow for a photographer to use? How best to preserve your irreplaceable images? To answer these questions A.S.M.P. teamed up with the Library of Congress and assembled a team of experts. In this interview with project directors Richard Anderson, Peter Krogh, and Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director of ASMP, we learn how the dpBestflow project came into being. Recorded at the U.S. Naval Memorial in Washington D.C. by Harris Fogel. (11:49)

Harris Fogel, Posted 10/24/10

Colin Smith on why you should know about Photoshop Café! – Photoshop World Conference – Las Vegas 2010

In this extended interview with Photoshop Café’s Colin Smith we discuss how the café came into being. There are many resources available for folks wanting to learn about the creative use of digital technologies, and Photoshop Café is a great, free, no hassle way to start. Worried about keeping up with the new features of Adobe’s recent releases of Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.0? Or just trying to get started, the DVD titles from Photoshop Café or their newest acquisition Software Cinema are sure to help. If you are working with digital imaging, Adobe Phototoshop, Lightroom, HDR, and CS 5 and need some training and insights then this interview is for you! Recorded at the N.A.P.P. Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas, in September 2010 by Harris Fogel. (20:41)

Harris Fogel, Posted 10/6/2010

Pixar's Chris Ford Increases RenderMan's Threads & Student Availability! – Siggraph

When most folks think of Pixar, they think of Pixar the famed animation studio, which is correct, but Pixar's roots are really as a technology company, and one of the backbones of the animation and special effects industry is their well-respected Pixar RenderMan software. Every year we sit down with Chris Ford of Pixar and explore the state-of-the-art in rendering technology. We discuss the easier access for students seeking to learn the ins and outs of shaders, and the new licensing that allows unlimited core usability. If you want to learn about the tool used to create many of your favorite characters and effects, this interview is for you! Recorded at the Siggraph/ACM Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, in August 2009 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 9/12/2009 (10:05)

Take Control of Your Image Downloads! Marc Rochkind on ImageIngester and DAM – SPE Conference – Denver 2008

In this extended interview with Marc Rochkind, creator of ImageIngester, we learn what led to his creation of the tool that many photographers rely on for easy, accurate, and automated downloading of their memory cards to their computer. While other programs offer an automated approach to download images, nothing has the flexibility or feature set of ImageIngestor, or ImageIngesterPro. With DAM (Digital Asset Management) proving more important then ever, tools like ImageIngester will help to streamline your workflow. Don't miss this interview if you want to make sure those precious images are safely transferred and tagged! Recorded at the Society for Photographic Education conference in Denver, Colorado, in March 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 3/29/2009 (19:53)

Daniel Power, Founder and Publisher of powerHouse Books – On The Creation of The New York Photo Festival – Brooklyn, New York 2008

In this interview with Daniel Power, Founder and Publisher of powerHouse Books, we discuss what led to the creation of The New York Photo Festival, a new festival celebrating contemporary photographic expression. It may be hard to believe but New York doesn't have a photo festival, but with the New York Photo Festival, it does now! Held in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, the festival is preparing for the 2nd gathering in May 2009. If you are interested in fine-art photography, then listen in to this interview! Recorded at the NY Photo Festival, in May 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 3/23/2009 (14:03)

Jimi DeRouen Tells All About Rocky Nook - A New Name in Photo Book Publishing – SPE Conference – Denver 2008

In this interview with Rocky Nook's Jimi DeRouen we learn what led to the creation of Rocky Nook, a new publisher of photography books. Rocky Nook is distributed by O'Reilly Press, and their editorial stance is of carefully defined topics in photography and digital imaging, often with a European vantage point setting it apart from other publishers. Recorded at the Society for Photographic Education conference in Denver, Colorado, in March 2008 by Harris Fogel.

Harris Fogel, Posted 3/23/2009 (10:24)