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Last year, at the Pepcom Digital Experience press event, a small booth showed off what seemed to be an entirely logical, “Why didn’t I think of that” device. The Switchmate is a small battery operated switch that sticks to your existing light switches with magnets to turn your existing lights into smart lights. The recent introduction of slimmer models, a powered socket, and web access might be just the technology you need. A smart home, without the hassle of most smart home products.

Harris Fogel and Nancy Burlan, posted 11/25/17

Our first introduction to IK Multimedia came in 1997 when we heard about a new program, GrooveMaker. Later with the introduction of the iPad, we started reviewing their Apps allowing musicians to model a wide-variety of amps, rack effects, editing software, and more. And in 2010, the iRig arrived, which was a guitar interface for iOS devices, followed by the iRig Mic. After that an avalanche of products followed from cables to speakers to keyboards. The new iRig Mic HD 2, and iRig Pre HD build upon that history, including their well-known affordable price point. Read our review for the full story. Read our full review to learn more!

Harris Fogel & Ken Kramar, with additional editorial input from Frank Schramm, Posted 11/13/17

In Part one of this two-part story, we began by looking at upgrading your wired network to the latest NETGEAR SOHO Switches. But, it isn’t feasible to run cable everywhere, and everyone loves the flexibility and ease of use of Wi-Fi, so the next step is looking at the current state-of-the-art in Wi-Fi technology. The NETGEAR Orbi Wi-Fi System is one of the most popular choices for a robust Wi-Fi environment for homes. Designed to spread your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, free from construction material interference, it is part of a wave of next generation MESH Wi-Fi routers to help create a robust, fast, and seamless user experience, whether in the basement, or the your bedroom. Read on for our review, Part two of a two-part story.

Harris Fogel, with editorial input from Ken Kramar. Posted 11/12/2017

October brings rustling leaves, cool nights, pumpkin-spiced everything, and eerie spirits. But Philadelphia Magazine’s Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival offered attendees the opportunity to spend an autumn evening tasting samples from more than 200 premium distilled spirits, a preferred way to ward off the chill in the air. The vendors were set up in the TORK Club at the legendary Lincoln Financial Field, a spacious and airy venue with floor-to-ceiling glass along one wall, looking out over the South Philly skyline. Pennsylvania was the site of the legendary Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. However, most of the attendees weren’t there for a history lesson – they were looking to quench their thirst for knowledge about the best distilled spirits! A portion of the ticket sales from the event will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Nancy Burlan, with Ken Kramar and Josh Waterston, posted 11/7/2017

The ever evolving Wi-Fi world and our dependence on Wi-Fi in almost every aspect of modern life is pretty amazing once you step back and consider the implications. The standards, speeds, hardware, and compatibility keep changing, so how does a user stay current? The NETGEAR Orbi Wi-Fi System is one of the most popular choices for a robust Wi-Fi environment for homes, and coupled with hard-wired NETGEAR 16-Port SOHO Gigabit Ethernet Switches, one can create a robust, fast, and seamless user experience. Read on for our review, Part-one of a two-part article.

Harris Fogel, with editorial input from Ken Kramar. Posted 11/1/2017

Most USB or iOS cables do one thing, charge your phone, and depending if plugged into a computer, they can be used to backup data. You can always backup your phone to the web via different cloud solutions, but this isn’t always ideal, and restoration can be more complicated then you might expect, and slow. Enter the MEEM, a unique bright green cable that combines automatic data backup with charging. How did it work? Read our review to find out!

Harris Fogel & Frank Schramm, posted 10/9/2017

If you ask most consumers to name a consumer electronics brand, the chances are most will come up with Monster Products on their list. Starting in 1979 Noel Lee, working in his garage created his first set of Monster speaker cables, and grew those cables into one of the best-known audio video brands in the world. No longer just cables, over the years they have diversified into a wide variety of markets, from speakers, headphones, earphones, cables, music, etc. In this interview recorded at the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia we discuss their new products including their new Monster Firecracker™ High Definition Bluetooth Speaker, their ongoing litigation with Apple over its acquisition of Beats for $3 billion, and their new retail strategy.

Harris Fogel, posted 10/7/2017

The 4K video revolution, now trickled down to TVs that are under a few hundred dollars, needs to be fed content to really take advantage of that higher resolution. Enter high-resolution Blu-ray players and it was only a matter of time that Oppo, the respected manufacturer of reasonably priced audiophile grade gear would make the leap. Their newest model is the UDP-205 4K Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player, and if you are wondering if this new unit is for you, wonder no more.

Harris Fogel, Posted 9/17/2017

Apple's event on September 12th was officially called "Let's meet at our place," but John Mulhern III is willing to bet that a couple of years from now it will be remembered as the iPhone X event. He has ten quick observations.

John Mulhern III, Posted 9/13/2017

In Part One of this Two-Part Article, we explored the new AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones, and in Part Two we explore their new DragonFly Red and DragonFly Black DAC+Preamp+Headphone Amp units. To audition them we listened to the newly released Neil Young – Decade, and Jaco Pastorius from HD Tracks both in High-Resolution, and “The Beatles Sgt. Peppers 50th Anniversary Edition” from EMI. Part Two of a Two-part article.

Harris Fogel, Posted 7/9/2017