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A shred interview with musician The Great Kat on matters ranging from the importance of classical music, the idea of virtuosity, and the impact of the digital age upon musicians. Listen in for a no-holds-barred, full-throttle interview with a musician that "Guitar One" Magazine named as one of the top ten fastest gutair shredders of all time. Recorded in New York, by Harris Fogel. (14:41)

Harris Fogel, Posted 7/28/2006

I've been a Timbuk2 believer for a long time, since their early days making tough bags that really were used just by bicycle messengers. Like khaki pants with their military heritage, these bags went from specialized service to popular product, with a little re-engineering along the way. The features of the Timbuk2 Commute XL are sensible and functional, and it's clear why this model is still considered a classic.

Benjamin B. Olshin, posted 7/26/2006

If you have ever shot photos with your digital camera and had your happy smile turn to panic when your card is unreadable, then Picture Rescue from Prosoft Engineering might just save the day and salvage that smile!  There are a few things that every digital photographer should have -- extra batteries, a battery charger, extra memory cards, and just possibly, a copy of Picture Rescue!

Harris Fogel, Posted 7/27/2006

When I finally purchased my first Mac in 1992 it was a PowerBook 100, and the first and most important piece of software that I installed was a little shareware application called PopChar, which debuted in 1987. It added a tiny little "P" in the top left corner of your menu bar and allowed you to instantly call up any hidden characters in the font you were using. Fourteen years later, I'm still using it on every Mac I own, and consider it one of those indispensable tools that really make my Macs a lot more useful.

Harris Fogel, Posted 6/29/2006

An interview on the state of digital fine art paper for inkjet printing with Innova's inkjet paper guru Wayne Connelly! Wayne is responsible for some of the most respected papers used by photographer and artists around the world. If you have ever wanted to understand what makes a great paper to print on, or what factors go into creating and choosing a paper for your prints, then listen to this informative and candid interview! Recorded in Philadelphia in June 2006 by Harris Fogel. (24:35)

Harris Fogel, Posted 9/12/2006

An interview with Peachpit Press author and NAPP Seminar Leader Ben Willmore on Photoshop for Photographers, and other thoughts on digital photography. Recorded at the National Association for Photoshop Professionals Seminar held in Philadelphia, May 2006 by Harris Fogel. (8:46)

Harris Fogel, Posted 5/27/2006

An interview with Brian Thomas, creator of the landmark multimedia title "If Monks Had Macs" which began as a Hypercard stack in 1988! Inspired by Bill Atkinson, and revised throughout the years, it has recently been updated for OS X Tiger. A favorite interview from our archives! Recorded at MacWorld San Francisco in January 2004 by Harris Fogel. (18:59)

Harris Fogel, Originally Posted 4/16/2006, Updated 12/25/2006


An Interview with Stewart Putney, Rob Silvfast, & Quincy Carroll of iPlay Music. If you have ever wanted to learn to play guitar, or even worse had a guitar in your closet feeling dusty and abandoned, then listen in as three music lovers and technologists harnessed the interactive power of the DVD to teach just about anyone between the ages of 7 to 70 to play guitar. Recorded at MacWorld San Francisco in January 2006 by Harris Fogel. (13:00)

Harris Fogel, Posted 4/15/2006

An interview with Professor Marc J. Barr, Education Chair of SIGGRAPH/ACM 2005, now in it's 33rd year and the granddaddy of technology and computer art conferences. We discuss teapots, SIGGRAPH, and how you too can be involved. Recorded at SIGGAPH Los Angeles in August 2005 by Harris Fogel. (17:35)

Harris Fogel, Posted 4/8/2006


An interview on advanced digital photography with color management guru and Peachpit Press author Bruce Fraser, 1954 - 2006. Bruce was one of those rare folks who you can say was really at the top of their field. Bruce passed away in 2006 after a battle with lung cancer, and we lost a treasured mentor, author, musician, resource, and friend to almost everyone involved in digital photography. Recorded at Photoshop World Boston in September 2005 by Harris Fogel. (18:38)

Harris Fogel, Posted 4/8/2006