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Review – Innova 3160g, 3100j OBD2 ScanTools with ABS & SRS, & 3211a DRIVE Bluetooth Code Reader

Computers have been an integral aspect of automobile design for the past 40 years. Initially they were just limited to engine controls, but now the technology is virtually unlimited and touches upon every aspect of a modern automobile. Does a lit “Check Engine” light start your day? Want to know what it means, and how to reset it? The solution is a code reader. Code Readers, once relegated to dealerships and professional auto repair shops, are now easily available, and the Innova line is highly regarded among DIY-ers and professionals alike. In this review we look at three different units from Innova – their 3160g and 3100j OBD2 ScanTools and the consumer friendly 3211a DRIVE Bluetooth Code Reader.

Harris Fogel with Nancy Burlan and Frank Schramm, posted 4/15/2018

News – EFF Pixel-Recycling Program 2018 to be Implemented Nationwide

In an effort to reduce an unsightly abundance of unused pixels littering our nation's desktops, the EFF Pixel-Recycling Program for 2018 will be rolled out this Sunday. Citizens are encouraged to bring their surplus pixels to designated locations. Sponsored by the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the goal is to help digital image creators to be better cyber citizens and slow down global warming. Read on for the full story.

Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel, Posted March 30, 2018

Review – Drillbrush Power Scrubber System for Your Cordless Electric Drill

Cleaning might not be everyone’s idea of an enjoyable way to spend an evening, but the promise of faster, easier, and more thorough cleaning is a universal goal. Most people want to roll up their sleeves, get the cleaning job done, and move on to the pursuit of more fun ways to spend leisure time. The Drillbrush Power Scrubber, a handy set of brushes that work with your cordless drill, make quick work of many cleaning jobs. It’s also a uniquely American small business story. Read on to learn more about Drillbrush.

Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel posted 3/25/2018

Review – HP ZBook Studio G4 Mobile Workstation Laptop

The recently released HP ZBook Studio G4 Mobile Workstation laptop is a screamingly fast, svelte, 15-inch, workstation class laptop built to take a beating. With it’s Nvidia graphics card, Xeon Processor, and DreamColor Display, the HP ZBook Studio G4 Mobile Workstation is a powerhouse nestled in a beautiful black aluminum and magnesium case. Ready to move on from Apple to Windows? Is this the graphics workstation for you?  Read our full review to find out.

Harris Fogel with editorial input from Jonathan Fogel. Posted 3/4/2018

CES 2018 Review – Jabra Bluetooth earphones, music hall Turntables, Anker & MyCharge Batteries, Netgear Arlo Home Security and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, Ring, Lutron’s Caséta, Surecall Fusion 2Go 2.0, Sony Alpha S7 III, Adobe Lightroom, & Light L16

The ginormous 2018 Consumer Electronics Show held each January is the largest showcase of what you might expect is consumer based electronic gear. Here are some reviews including Jabra Bluetooth earphones, Turntables from music hall, Batteries from Anker and MyCharge, Netgear Arlo Home Security and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, Ring, Lutron’s Caséta system, Surecall Fusion 2Go 2.0, Sony Alpha S7 III, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Classic, and the Light L16.

Harris Fogel, posted 2/28/2018

Review – American Standard Spectra eTouch 4-function Shower Head

Working with technology is not generally thought of as a dirty job, but at the end of a long day plugging away in the data mines, we often find ourselves craving a relaxing hot shower to wash away the tension and digital dust. Luckily for us, a refreshing shower has become more interactive, and a bit more fun. The new Spectra eTouch 4-function shower head from American Standard is an easy addition to your bathroom. How did it work in our tests? Read on to find out.

Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel, posted 2/20/2018

Five Observations From CES 2018

It's a week after the show floors in Las Vegas closed, and John Mulhern III believes he's started to get a handle on the essence of CES 2018. He has five quick observations to get things going with Mac Edition Radio's coverage.

John Mulhern III, Posted 1/21/2018


Five Questions At CES 2018

He's on the ground in Vegas and as ready to go as he'll ever be. With press events for CES 2018 starting this afternoon, John Mulhern III writes about five questions he's hoping to get answered at the Consumer Technology Association's huge annual trade show.

John Mulhern III, Posted 1/7/2018

10 Days To Go, 10 Things I'm Looking For

With about ten days to go, John Mulhern III's attention is now solidly on CES 2018 in early/mid January, and he writes about ten areas he's watching at the Consumer Technology Association's huge annual trade show in Las Vegas.

John Mulhern III, Posted 12/27/2017

Reviews – Stocking Stuffers from Meater, Kingston, WORX, MyCharge, 1MORE, & ShedRain, for the Techie in your life!

Even Santa is a techie, how else to explain the sophisticated lighting system at the head of his sleigh’s propulsion system? In that spirit, here are some cool stocking stuffers. Stocking Stuffers from Meater, Kingston, WORX, MyCharge, 1MORE, & ShedRain, for the Techie in your life! Happy Holidays from Mac Edition Radio!

Nancy Burlan, Harris Fogel, Ken Kramar, and Frank Schramm, posted 12/15/2017