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Automotive Technology at CES 2017

Unlike last year's Chevrolet Bolt launch, there was no single dominant automotive technology introduction at CES 2017. Despite this, there was a lot going on—John Mulhern III covers some of the more important automotive introductions at the show.

John Mulhern III, Posted 1/22/2017

10 Products That Impressed at CES 2017

With almost a week since he got back from CES 2107, John Mulhern III feels there's now been enough time to get a handle on what was notable at this massive show with it's 3,800 exhibitors and (at least) 175,000 attendees. He writes about ten products and technologies that impressed him.

John Mulhern III, Posted 1/14/2017

Ten Areas to Watch at CES 2017

With about a week to go, John Mulhern III's attention is now solidly on CES 2017 in early January, and he writes about ten areas he's watching at the Consumer Technology Association's huge annual trade show in Las Vegas.

John Mulhern III, Posted 12/27/2016

Review – Amazon's Kindle Oasis: Does It Do the Job?

In a world of capable multi-function devices, how does a single-function device succeed? John Mulhern III reviews Amazon's top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis e-reader and describes what differentiates it in a crowded marketplace. Is the Kindle Oasis right for you? Read John's review to find out!

John Mulhern III, posted 11/26/2016

Review – Brydge 9.7 iPad Keyboard

Tablets are great devices, but many of us still find them vexing to use them for serious typing or entering of text and data. What else explains the multitudes of keyboards and cases available for them? We have tested keyboards in the past, but the approach taken in creating the Brydge 9.7 keyboard for the iPad is unique. It claims to bridge the gap between an iPad and an Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. How does it deliver on its promise? Read on for our full review!

Harris Fogel and Nancy Burlan, posted 11/26/16

Review – The Promise Technology Apollo Cloud NAS

Personal storage has been growing in popularity for years. At this point everyone is pretty much used to the idea of cloud storage via Google, or Dropbox, but online services don’t always fit the needs of users. The solution is a shared drive, usually attached to your network. NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems have been the norm for years, so it piqued our interest when Promise Technology introduced their first NAS consumer product, the Promise Technology Apollo Cloud. Featuring a new GUI approach, so that the storage appears to belong only to the logged on user, it’s an easy to use private cloud backup solution. Is the Promise Apollo Cloud for you? Read on to find out!

Harris Fogel & Frank Schramm, posted 11/25/2016

Review – Upgrading to 10TB Seagate IronWolf 3.5-inch NAS Drives in a Seagate 4 Bay NAS Pro

It might be common sense that drives continually increase in size, speed, and reliability, but when to upgrade is a different sort of question when upgrading the drives in your NAS. The easy part is deciding that it’s time for more capacity, but what drives to use and how it works in practice are a bit more complicated a choice. We were curious what the recent upgrade of Seagate’s NAS drives to the new IronWolf 10TB series would reveal. Read our full review to find out.

Harris Fogel posted 11/23/2016

Review – CleverFiles' Disk Drill Pro 3 for Mac OS

Recently, we had a major data crash, a 6TB RAID configured as a multi-disc mirror somehow became corrupted, and since it was a mirror, it dutifully duplicated the corrupted data. To make matters worse, even after other tools were able to get the RAID up and running, we were missing tons of files. Luckily, an invitation to test an app we had never heard of arrived in the nick of time. The app was Disk Drill Pro 3 for Mac OS, and to find out how it saved the day, read our full review.

Harris Fogel and Ken Kramar, posted 11/20/2016

Review – LG Stylo 2 Smartphone from Virgin Mobile

Many smartphones sold today are phablets, with large screens that are great to look at, but not many of them do anything special with that extra real estate. The LG Stylo 2, from Virgin Mobile, uses a stylus with great software to make use of it, but is it enough to justify the nearly 6-inch screen? Read on to find out!

Thomas Fogel-Burlan, Posted 11/19/2016

Review – Black+Decker SMARTECH 20V MAX Bluetooth Equipped Lawn Care and Power Tools

You might not think of Bluetooth and lawn care in the same breath, but if Black+Decker has their way, you will. Their new line of SMARTECH tools and lawn care products use the same Bluetooth equipped Lithium Ion battery. We tested their new EASYFEED™ String Trimmer, POWERBOOST Sweeper, 22 in. POWERCUT™ Hedge Trimmer, and Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver. All use the new SMARTECH 20V MAX battery. How did they perform in our tests? Does Bluetooth and edging your sidewalks make sense? Read our full review to find out.

Harris Fogel and Nancy Burlan, posted 11/18/2016