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A Warning on Upgrading to Apple's macOS 10.15 Catalina

On October 7th, Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina. John Mulhern III suggests that readers refrain from upgrading until they are confident they have no 32-bit applications that will be affected. Could this requirement affect you? Read John's report to find out.

John Mulhern III, posted 10/7/2019

Report – SIGGRAPH Conference 2019 – Los Angeles Convention Center

As members of the tech, animation, computer graphics, gaming, software, and hardware developers expected, the SIGGRAPH 2019 Conference proved to be an energetic gathering for global innovation in computer graphics, animation, VR, gaming, and emerging technologies. This annual summer event returned from Vancouver to Los Angeles, its more regular site, and although the number of exhibitor booths seemed lower than in previous years, the innovation level continued its upward trend and overall attendance of 18,700 global professionals was at its highest since 2014.

Nancy Burlan and Harris Fogel, posted 8/12/19

Review – Wacom Cintiq 16-inch Creative Pen Display

In this guest post, professional photographic retoucher and post-production artist Amber L. Kirlyak takes a serious look at the recently introduced Wacom Cintiq 16-inch Creative Pen Display. Billed by Wacom as “The Most Universal Tablet for your Budget”, it provides an affordable entry into the use of Creative Pen Displays. How did it perform for Amber, a no-compromise post-production expert? Read her review to find out!

Amber L. Kirylak, with editorial assistance by Nancy Burlan and Harris Fogel, Posted 7/16/2019

Change Comes to Apple in Mid-Summer

The middle of the summer is usually a quiet time at Apple. However, the last few weeks have been unusually busy. John Mulhern III analyzes the current changes within Cupertino and attempts to read some tea leaves regarding the future.

John Mulhern III, posted 7/7/2019

Review – Emotiva Airmotiv T2 speaker system & Emotiva BasX TA-100 Stereo Preamp/Dac/Tuner With Integrated Amplifier – Part Two

In Part One of our article on the Emotiva BasX TA-100 Stereo Preamp/Dac/Tuner with Integrated Amplifier and Airmotiv B1 two-way bookshelf monitor loudspeaker, we looked at the system as a low cost bargain with great sound. In Part Two we were curious what adding Emotiva’s flagship tower speakers, the Emotiva Airmotiv T2 speakers, to the system would sound like, and to do so, we had Alan Lewine, well-known jazz bassist, to critically consider the Emotiva Airmotiv T2 speakers as he used them to mix his newest album.

Alan Lewine, Harris Fogel, and Nancy Burlan, posted 6/22/2019

Review – FiiO M9 Digital Audio Music Player

We fondly remember our first-generation digital music players, most of which featured a small amount of storage, no display, no controls other than a volume control track forward or back, and a play button. But at least they played MP3s. Next came the first Apple iPod, which was the real revolution, but the problem has been that there are limited numbers of players that can work with un-compressed FLAC files, or other formats. Each year brings a new crop, and among the best this year, is the new FiiO M9 Digital Audio Music Player. Read on for our review.

Harris Fogel, Nancy Burlan, and Frank Schramm, posted 6/17/2019

Review – Jade II Electrostatic Headphones and Amplifier from HIFIMAN

Few pieces of equipment attracted more interest in our office than the newly announced Jade II Electrostatic headphones and Amplifier from HIFIMAN. Working with technology that seems light years away, the reintroduced Jade II Electrostatic Headphone and Amplifier offers a new awakening to the electrostatic model for 2019 for HIFIMAN. Part one of a two-part review.

Harris Fogel and Nancy Burlan, posted 6/10/2019

The 12th Annual Philly Beer Week Gets Things Hoppin’ with Opening Tap 2019

We always count on Opening Tap to kick off Philly Beer Week with good fun, and this year’s festivities were no different. As in previous years, the evening was presented by Philly Loves Beer, a Philadelphia-based organization whose mantra is “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that Philadelphia is America’s best beer-drinking city.” 

Thousands of thirsty attendees had their fill of sample sips from the more than 60 breweries on hand. Read on to learn more about the week dedicated to all things hoppy that has become a tradition in this city.

Nancy Burlan and Harris Fogel, posted 6/1/2019

Review – Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX 7-Inch AV Receiver w/CarPlay & Android Auto In-Dash Receiver

Not that long ago, a full-featured audio system in your automobile meant AM/FM radio with a CD player, or heck, maybe even an 8-track player. Nowadays, new cars ship with built-in GPS, digital tuners, USB interconnectivity, sophisticated displays, mobile phone connectivity, and a multitude of features. However, as the quality of cars increases, Americans are holding on to their autos longer and longer, so upgrading to an audio system like the flagship Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX makes a lot of sense. Read on for our full review.

Harris Fogel and Nancy Burlan, posted 5/30/2019

Review – The 4th Annual American Whiskey Convention at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology – Spring 2019

The elegant and historically rich Museum of Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania was a fitting backdrop for the 4th Annual American Whiskey Convention. History and whiskey have a long history in Pennsylvania. The infamous Whiskey Rebellion took place in the western end of Pennsylvania in 1794, when the young U.S. government began taxing whiskey to pay for the Revolutionary War, so it’s only fitting to set this premier whiskey event in the Keystone State. Now in its fourth year, the convention showcases premium whiskeys from throughout the country, as well as local vendors and craftspeople.

Harris Fogel and Thomas Fogel, posted 4/10/2019