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Review - Wharfedale Diamond 220, 220C and D8 Subwoofer Speakers

Wharfedale is one of the oldest, and most respected names in audio, whose first speakers were produced in 1932. They have an extensive product matrix, with small entry level affordable speakers garnering critical praise. In this review we look at their well-known Diamond 220 series coupled with the D8 Subwoofer for an affordable 5.1 surround system. With content from HD Tracks and the Blu-ray version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we put the speakers to the test!

Harris Fogel and Nancy Burlan, posted 4/12/2016

Review – MyCharge HubMax Portable Charger, & Ventev powercell 10000+ battery charger

As much as battery technology has changed, our devices are ever more dependent on batteries then ever. If you are looking for a portable power source, these two battery packs won't let you down. The MyCharge HubMax 9,000mAh Portable Charger and Ventev powercell 10000+ battery charger are solid, stylish, and well-executed designs. Read our review to find out the details that will keep your phone or tablet charged when you need it.

Harris Fogel, Posted 3/15/2016

Review – City of the Sun – to the sun and all the cities in between & Alexis Cole – Dazzling Blue – The Music of Paul Simon - Chesky Binaural+

With all the discussion of high-resolution audio, especially as it pertains to reissues of older recordings it's easy to forget that a true high-resolution title starts as a high-resolution recording. Couple that with a first-rate set of musicians, careful engineering using a binaural microphone system, and the result is City of the Sun - to the sun and all the cities in between, a tour-de-force of acoustic guitars and Alexis Cole's Dazzling Blue, Cole’s tribute to some of the less known music of Paul Simon, both recently released by Chesky Records. Both use Chesky Records Binaural + recording technique said to create recordings that sound at home on both headphones and speakers. Read our review of these two new titles.

Harris Fogel, posted 2/25/2016

Ten Interesting Gadgets from CES 2016

John Mulhern III believes that CES 2016 in early January 2016 was the best CES in several years, and a significant part of that was the return of interesting gadgets. In this roundup he writes about ten of them.

John Mulhern III, Posted 1/23/2016

Nine Things To Watch For At CES 2016

With less than a week to go, John Mulhern III's mind is now solidly on CES 2016 in early January, and he writes about nine things he's looking for at the Consumer Technology Association's huge trade show.

John Mulhern III, Posted 12/31/2015

High Definition for the Holidays from HD Tracks & the State of High Resolution Audio in 2015

The gift of High Definition Music is one of Santa’s favorite gifts. First of all, he doesn’t have to slide down a dirty chimney, or deal with an attitude heavy doorman, so an easy download really makes Santa’s day. Plus, when Santa has had to listen to Muzak versions of holiday favorites, a high resolution, high sampling rate, wide bit-depth version, comes as a serious relief to our favorite holiday gift giver. We look at some of last year’s favorite releases from HD Tracks; one of the pioneers in providing high-resolution audio downloads, as well as industry approaches to brand High-Res Audio for consumers.

Harris Fogel, posted 12/20/15

Review – A. D. Coleman's Top Ten of 2015

The holidays are upon us once again. Each year, A.D. Coleman thinks back over the year in technology, and creates a list of the ten items of digital hardware and software that he either added to his toolkit this year or relied on heavily. Read on to find out his recommendations for this holiday season.

A.D. Coleman, posted 12/15/2016

Review – Wacom Intel Core i7 256 GB Cintiq Companion 2

Last February, Michael Mann took the Wacom Cintiq Companion for a serious spin and discovered a tool that he couldn’t live without. There were a few shortcomings, and the newly released follow-up, the Wacom Companion Cintiq 2 eliminated them, and added more power, flexibility, and features than before. Is this the tool you have been waiting for? Read our review to find out what we discovered with the new version.

Michael Mann, with additional reporting by Harris Fogel, posted 12/15/2015

Review – One Dozen Holiday Picks for the Gadget Lover!

Tis the season to consider tech gifts for Santa to drop down the chimney, or fill your stockings. This list of 12 holiday picks range from tools to keep your phone charged, hydroponic gardens, to making a cup of coffee on the trail. Read our full review for some recommendations that won’t be lumps of coal!

Harris Fogel, Nancy Burlan, and Frank Schramm, posted 12/14/2015

Review – Virgin Mobile HTC Desire 626s: The perfect stocking stuffer?

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is important to think about gifts for family and friends. With Virgin Mobile’s new HTC Desire 626s hitting shelves, it’s time to consider putting this phone in wrapping paper. Is this budget phone an inexpensive gem or is your money better spent on another Virgin Mobile phone? Read our review to find out!

Jonathan Fogel, Posted 12/1/2015