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Review – Accell UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging

What’s better than a nice, clean phone? A nice, clean phone that is fully charged! Thanks to the Accell UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging, it is super easy to keep your smaller belongings clean and sanitized, and can also charge your phone.

Nancy Burlan with Harris Fogel, posted 6/22/2022

Review – Morphée Sleep Aid

To sleep, perchance to dream – or to meditate, with Morphée!
Sleep is big business these days. It’s one of the basic needs we all have in common, yet something we never seem to get enough of. One of the least invasive and time-tested methods for preparing one’s mind for sleep is meditation. 
Morphée is an innovative device that brings meditation right into your bedroom, or anywhere you’re wishing to fall asleep. Especially since it’s non-digital!

Nancy Burlan, posted 6/6/2022

Show Report – CES 2022: A Different Kind of Show

CES 2022 struck me as an example of “on the other hand.” What I mean by this, is that fellow Mac Edition Radio editor Nancy Burlan and I debated attending CES. On the positive side, she hadn’t been to Las Vegas in years (apart from our numerous visits at the Las Vegas Airport) so we thought it would be fun for her to experience the conference. On the other hand, we had the very real and pervasive fear of catching COVID. Show organizers CTA (Consumer Technology Association) assured CES attendees that everyone involved - workers, attendees, and exhibitors - all needed to show proof of vaccination. Read our full report to learn more.

This originally appeared in Copper Magazine, Issue 155. Subscribe for free at:

Harris Fogel with editorial input by Nancy Burlan, Posted 2/10/2022

Symposium Report – The Daguerreian Society Symposium 2021

Each year, The Daguerreian Society, a group of scholars, collectors, archivists, gallerists, photo historians, and lovers of photography, gather to discuss advances in the field. The annual symposium has been held via Zoom for the past two years, and this years meeting was even better then last. Read on for a full report on the Annual Symposium held in October 2021. If you love photography, then consider joining the society!

Harris Fogel, posted 1/20/2022

Ten Observations From CES 2022

If possible, this year's CES was even stranger than last year's—mainly because it was blended/hybrid instead of all digital. There were plenty of things to talk about regarding CES 2022, but John Mulhern III will stick to the technical ones for this article.

John Mulhern III, 1/17/2022

John Mulhern III's 2021 End-Of-Year Technology Upgrade Guide

John Mulhern III believes that the end of every year, is an excellent time to re-examine technology categories, that have improved significantly over the last few years. With that in mind, he's got seven suggestions for potential upgrades to your personal technology setup.

John Mulhern III, posted 12/26/2021

Review – Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Photo Books by David Freese, Michael Grecco, Julian David Stone, and Ralph Sutherland and Harold Sherrick

Our 2021 Holiday Gift Shortlist is a look at some recent photo books. Three are Rock and Roll oriented, while another is an exploration of topology and geology. A Pig’s Tale by Ralph Sutherland and Harold Sherrick, explores a legendary bootleg record label, Michael Grecco – Punk Post Punk New Wave features a backstage look at an invigorating musical era, Julian David Stone – No Cameras Allowed is a super fan’s musical diary, & David Freese’s Trilogy of books on North American Waters.

Harris Fogel with Editorial Assistance from Nancy Burlan, posted 12/11/2021

Review – Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Electronic Lifestyle Gifts from 1More, Neato, Oral-B, Raptic, & the Billion Dollar Art Gallery

As you may know, Mac Edition Radio began with a focus on the tech, photo, and audio world, but we've broadened our wheelhouse to include items to enhance home, health, and everyday life. Our 2021 Holiday Gift Shortlist for Electronic Lifestyle Gifts is a panoply of paraphernalia, covering a bit of everything from digital artwork, robots, toothbrushes, high capacity rechargeable batteries, & audio!

Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel, with Editorial Assistance from Frank Schramm & Ken Kramar, posted 12/10/2021

Review – Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Lifestyle Gifts from Care by Design, AirPOP, Fx Chocolate, trücup Coffee, & Cheeterz Club

As you may know, Mac Edition Radio began with a focus on the tech, photo, and audio world, but we've broadened our wheelhouse to include items to enhance home, health, and everyday life. Our 2021 Holiday Gift Shortlist for Lifestyle is a panoply of paraphernalia, covering a bit of everything from coffee, body balm, reading glasses, and chocolate! And who doesn’t love good chocolate?

Nancy Burlan & Harris Fogel, with Editorial Assistance from Frank Schramm & Ken Kramar, posted 12/10/2021

Review – Mac Edition Radio Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Storage from OWC, LaCie, Seagate, & SanDisk

When digital cameras first emerged on the scene, as a photographer I used to think, “How many shots can I fit on this 256 MB card?” and I would know that I’d need to have expensive storage available to download the files. Well, those days are still with us, but instead of MBs, we are talking about gigabytes, terabytes, and even petabytes. Fortunately, vendors have you covered, with affordable, incredibly fast, light weight, and durable storage options. Here are some favorites from LaCie, Seagate, SanDisk, and Other World Computing

Harris Fogel with editorial assistance from Nancy Burlan, Frank Schramm, and Ken Kramar, posted 12/9/2021