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Ah ... the little elves of Jonathan Ive's Industrial Design Department labor away under Santa Jobs' and Santa Ive's guidance, creating ever more beautiful creations that are the objects of the lust that is the hallmark of Apple's ID mantra. Those designs are gorgeous yet fragile finished products. It doesn't take much to mar the finish on a beautiful new MacBook Pro, or scratch the screen of an iPod. With Techshell's new rubberized shells, or Gelaskins beautiful graphics, you can protect your Apple laptop and keep them looking good at the same time.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

A few years ago at Boston MacWorld (boy, that dates us!), we met with Seiko Instruments, USA who were introducing a new label printer that was Mac-compatible. At the time, it was an important announcement for the Mac market, since not that many folks were making Mac-compatible devices, especially in the small business segment. Since then, Seiko has continued to improve the software, adding additional features to their SLP printer line, which stands for Smart Label Printer. Their commitment continues with the introduction of the Seiko SLP 440 printer.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

A few years ago we interviewed Fujitsu about their ScanSnap automatic document feed scanner. At that time we said it was one of those rare devices that worked exactly as it should, right out of the box. We loaded the software, plugged in the scanner, and without even a look at the manual, we were off and running, making scans quickly with incredibly high quality. They have updated the scanner since then, and the Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M has improvements in speed, quality, and expanded feature set for the software.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

If you have a PowerBook G4 or a MacBook Pro, then you know that their lovely metal cases are great to look at, but suffer from substandard wi-fi performance. There are some products that promise to improve upon this, but apart from an external PC or Xpress card wireless card, none of them have been worth the hassle in our opinion. So, when we were sent the Wi-Fire from hField Technologies with the promise of vastly improved Wi-Fi connectivity, frankly we were skeptical.

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

Contrary to what you may assume, not all the products reviewed at Mac Edition Radio require electricity! In fact, here is something that outperforms similar products that do need voltage! I was so impressed, I felt it deserves mentioning here. A few years ago I visited a friend of mine, and in his bathroom I noticed an interesting Waterpik-type device attached to his showerhead. When I asked about it, he told me that yes, it was a shower-operated product, the Oral Breeze ShowerPik, and had been recommended by his dentist. 

Harris Fogel, Posted 12/20/2007

In 1962 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist Bob Mathias founded a summer camp for boys in Kings Canyon, California, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. In 1969 the camp added girls, and for almost 30 years it was a treasured memory of summer for generations of campers, counselors, and staff. How to bring together the people who made it so wonderful after all these years? Yahoo Groups and the Internet to the rescue! Recorded during a reunion at the site of the former Bob Mathias Sierra Boys Camp, Kings Canyon, California, September 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 12/18/2007 (22:02)

There are few things that electronics like less than water. Get most electronic equipment wet, and it's pretty much the end of life for that device. So, what to do if you crave your music when playing near water or bashing the slopes on a snowboard? What if you plan on taking your iPod, MacBook or laptop to places that would normally instantly void the warranty? We would recommend you start your journey toward water with a case from OtterBox. We tested a variety of their iPod cases as well as their laptop case, and found them pretty much indestructible.

Harris Fogel, Posted 10/26/2007

Software MacKiev has fulfilled the dreams of users around the world with the announcement that Roger Wagner and HyperStudio 5 have returned to the Mac and PC after a long hiatus. HyperStudio was one of the most popular software titles ever created, especially in the education arena, with millions of users around the world. In use from the Louvre to a classroom near you, the rebirth of HyperStudio is a huge deal to the legions of "HyperHeads" around the world! Recorded at the NECC Conference in Atlanta, June 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 9/18/2007 (10:44)

Filemaker's flagship database application has just had a major update and in this extended conversation with Andrew Lecates of Filemaker, we discuss the new features of Filemaker Pro 9. Filemaker Pro has an especially strong following in education, and in this interview, we get into detail about how best to take advantage of the new feature set. If you are interested in the power and analysis offered by a well designed database, then listen in! Recorded at the NECC Conference in Atlanta, June 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 9/18/2007 (21:22)

During the NECC Conference in Atlanta, I sat down with ISTE's Deputy CEO, Leslie S. Conery to discuss what ISTE is, who should attend the NECC conference, and the impact of technology in the classroom and from the No Children Left Behind act on the educational environment that teachers, students, and parents must grapple with. If you are interested in the intersection of technology and teaching, then listen in! Recorded at the NECC Conference in Atlanta, June 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 9/13/2007 (17:41)